About Me!

Hello there, I'm Trudy.

Animals have always been a big part of my life, and I love taking care of them. 

Having been born on a farm, I've been helping to look after everything from cats and dogs to sheep and cattle since I was young.

Once I left school I worked at riding stables with race horses. Most recently I ran a dog walking business as well as a secure dog walking field which has also been home to dog training classes and events. 

As a hobby I do dog agility with my beloved spaniels, who always try their very best at least! 

Our smallholding is secluded with no close neighbours, so your dogs can enjoy the peace or make as much noise as they want. 

We live on site, so we are always be on hand for you dogs needs. Whatever they may be we won't be far away so they'll never be lonely in our care.