Welcome to Chip's Home Boarding

Staying with us is a holiday for your dog. Our field is located in the East Hunstpill countryside so we can ensure your dog has plenty of oppertunity to run and play.

Our site is fully alarmed, secured and monitored and we are licenced by Somerset council M027912 .

You can therefore rest assured that your little ones will be safe in our care. 

Dogs deserve a nice holiday too!

We have 3 spaniels who live with us who are extremely friendly, so your dog has friends to play with. Our dogs are always very happy to make their new buddies feel right at home!

We therefore require a trial visit for all our bookings. Whislt our dogs are generally very social, sometimes it's just not meant to be, and we want to ensure that your dogs will be able to enjoy everything about their stay with us. 

As we only take one family's dogs at a time, there will never be any suprises, you will meet all the dogs who your dog will be in contact with.

This is a good chance to meet us and have a look around our smallholding, so you can relax knowing your dogs are in safe hands whilst having a peek at what they will be up to on their holiday. 

We're always happy to hear from you